Namso-CC is a credit card generator. This generates number sequences at random. It generates the card numbers based on a BIN. BIN is short for bank identification number.

It then uses the Luhn algorithm to generate the rest of the sequence.

The Luhn algorithm is a mathematical formula. It is used to validate a variety of identification numbers. For instance, it is used for number sequences such as credit card numbers and social security numbers.

Namso Gen was created for various types of data testing. This is for use in many fields like E Commerce, payment gateway sites and various other applications. The random generated credit card numbers should only be used for testing and experimental purposes.

The numbers that are generated are not meant for malicious use. Wrongful use of the card numbers could result in legal issues. Namso-gen does not promote illegal activities and respects all legal terms.

Namso Gen also works to educate others. Online security and credit card safety are some of the things one can learn about on the blog. You can also read all the details regarding Namso-gen. If users have any additional questions regarding Namso Gen, the contact support information is easily accessible.


The purpose of the generator is for testing. It is not meant for illegal use. Namso-Gen strives to help others in any small way. The purpose of the generator is to make someone else’s hard work a little easier.

The credit card numbers that are generated by Namso-gen are 100% risk free. The randomized numbers have no actual value. This is because the numbers are not associated with an actual account.They do not have value or a balance to make purchases.

Using the generator for testing purposes is completely legal. It is encouraged to not use the generator for any purposes outside of those mentioned. Credit Card number generators being used for site testing is purely legal. This is the most common use.

The privacy policy and terms and conditions are available to users if there is any further concern.


CC GEN is short for credit card generator. This term is used for generators like Namso-gen. Credit card number generators are mainly used by data testers and credit card companies. This is to test payment errors and produce unique numeric sequences.

The primary purpose of using a generator like Namso-Gen is for site testing. It helps to test the credit card processor in which the site is using. For instance, you can enter the fake credit card numbers into the payment method to see if your processor will deem the number as valid or invalid.


Currently, there is no alternative to Namso gen. Even though there are many Random Credit card number generators out there none compare to the legitimacy of Namso gen.

Namso gen has a clear set up and user interface. There are also links to helpful related resources. As compared to other generators it is simple and safe to use.

Unlike other generators, Namso Gen does not ask for any personal information. You won’t even be hassled for a single email address. Most others will require a piece of personal information.

You can receive unlimited amounts of randomized credit card numbers in a single click. All you have to do is add just a four to six digit BIN.


Does Namso credit card number generator actually work? The simple answer is yes. If you use it in the correct way.

Namso- Gen was created for experimental purposes only. Therefore, it must be used for experimental works only. It will not work properly if being used for unethical means. Namso-Gen is also not responsible for any loss that takes place due to the use of the generator.

Due to the advanced algorithm the generator is able to successfully generate hundreds of imaginary credit card numbers in a single click.


Namso Gen is a credit card generator which gives you results to endless amounts of information.

To begin the process, one must enter a 6 Digit BIN number in the empty field. The BIN is a very important part of the number sequence. It is how card numbers are linked back to the issuer of the card.

The BIN is the only information in which you are required to fill in. Next, you can enter expirationation date and a CCV2 number. You can also leave these fields empty to have them randomized.

Once the information is filled in or left to be randomized, it’s one simple click. Once the generate button is hit, the results will show.


The card numbers that are generated do not contain any actual value or any transactional authority. These numbers are strictly for data testing and verification purposes.

Namso Gen does not support any form of wrongful use.